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Rules for Under 16’s

If you are under 16, please take note of our following guidelines:

 Please obtain a parent or a guardian’s permission before registering on our website.

 Please get permission from a parent or a guardian before uploading questions or answers to Get Real Video’s Ask & Answers.

 Never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else e.g. surnames, school names, telephone numbers, home addresses, email addresses instant messenger ids or specific places where you hang out.

 You may not ask others for personal information.

 No coded or foreign languages. Please communicate in English.

 You may not impersonate other people.

 Your username must be suitable. No flirty, rude or offensive names. Also, please do not give your full name.

 No dating or flirting. Get Real Video is about sharing expertise and not trying to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

 You may not submit content or make comments that are mean, rude and offensive.

If someone posts something that is rude or upsetting to you, please report it immediately to abuse@getrealcareers.com

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