An Insider’s Story - Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Hi. My name is Sarah and I teach Yoga.

I had been practicing yoga for a few years when one of my teachers suggested that I qualify to teach it. I undertook the intense training and have been teaching now for over 5 years.

Initially, a passion for yoga was the catalyst for the career move from fashion but since then, I have also been motivated by the other skills that are needed to run successful classes. I have learnt skills that I’d never had an interest or experience in before such as basic accounting, advertising (with the use of Google Adwords) and I have even build my own website. I have become self-employed which felt risky at first but I now love the freedom and self-worth that it gives me and has meant that I have had to push my limits and take on new challenges.

No day is the same and I especially enjoy the group classes that I teach – many of my students have been attending class for a few years and each class has its own dynamic and community.