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How to answer the question: “Why should we hire you?”: This is often the last question in an interview so be prepared with the right answer which is definitely NOT “because I need a job”.  They want you to sell yourself to them.

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How to answer the question “Why should we hire you?”

Why should we hire you?

This is often the last question in an interview so be prepared with the right answer which is definitely NOT “because I need a job”.  They want you to sell yourself to them. So how can you do that?

Your answer shouldn’t last more than a couple of minutes.  Don’t give out too much information just 3 or 4 reasons.  This is your chance to remind them about all your skills and qualities that make you the perfect person for the job.

Your answer needs to be a mix of your skills, your interest in the company, and what motivates you. Here’s how it’s done

Firstly, understand the job.  Determine THEIR goals for the position and skills that they need.

Match your skills and experience to the job criteria and identify several examples of these in action.

Prepare your answer.  Focus on your strengths and how they match up with each bullet point for the job, as well as the company’s goals.

Example: I think my main strengths are my communication skills and decision making abilities. I really work well in a large team and in my current role I’m required to make many of the key last minute decisions before important events. I also have good research skills and use them all the time to give me the edge when booking venues.

Articulate shared values ,mission statements and business practices and why they are in line with yours.

Example: I’ve been reading about the company, and the culture seems to fit in with my personality and values.

I’ve been looking on your website at the projects the company is involved in and they are really inspiring.

Be prepared to be flexible with your script.  If a particular issue comes up during the interview, try and incorporate it into your answer.

Example: From our conversation it seems that you have a need for someone who can really stay focussed in a stressful environment and I feel that I am at my best when the pressure is on,

State your interest in the position. Be enthusiastic.  Be sure the interviewer is clear about the fact that you really want THIS job.

Example: I’ve used your products myself and I love them, and I’d be excited about being part of the company that makes them.

Example: I’m really motivated by the sound of this role. All the duties sound interesting and challenging to me.

The most important aspect of this exercise is to make you comfortable with identifying and articulating the skills you possess truthfully, without feeling like a salesperson.  

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